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Sunscreen & Skincare FAQs

How do your mineral & chemical UV filters work? Why don’t you get sunburnt?

Too much ultra violet (UV) light exposure causes sunburn due to increased melanin production within your cells. High UV exposure causes the skin to burn and also accelerates the skins aging process. Mineral UV filters work by sitting on the surface of the skin to block UV rays from entering the skin, ultimately reflecting them away. Chemical UV filters are absorbed into the skin and protect the skin by converting UV rays into heat via a chemical reaction in which the heat is then evaporated of the skin. Both types of filters protect your skin from the harmful oxidative damage that UV rays do to your skin.

I see your SPF50 products have chemical UV filters, are they good for your skin and reef safe?

Our chemical, organic UV filters are Uvinul A Plus Granular and Uvinul T 150 which provide broad spectrum protection against UVA-I and UVB waves. These have been developed by BASF Chemists as part of their Care Creations range. Both have these products have been tested for both safety and efficacy on the human skin as well as on the environment providing an EcoSun Pass score of over 200 (refer to question… for a definition of EcoSun and how this is measured). This means that neither of these two products displayed effects of aquatic toxicity, endocrine disruption of marine organisms or bioaccumulation meaning they are both marine and reef safe. They are also very safe for application on the human skin as they both display highly effective UV absorption at very low concentrations and have very low skin penetration. This means these filters protect you topically by remaining on top of the skin as they are unable to penetrate into your body therefore unable to cause any type of endocrine or reproductive disruption to you compared to the findings of other commonly used UV filters.

Because your products are mineral based, do your products white cast?

We do use Zinc Oxide as a mineral based UV filter in our products. However, we use Zinc Clear XP which allows for very minimal white casting. This is because the zinc oxide is processed in combination with vegetable derived ingredients that act as both dispersants and emollients that allows the particles to be spread evenly over the skin, avoiding the white casting appearance associated with most other mineral based UV filters. ZincClear XP provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB filters and is VEGAN, ORGANIC, ECOCERT and COSMOS approved. In comparison, mineral sunscreen offers immediate protection unlike chemical filters which can take up to 30 minutes to be absorbed into the skin before working effectively.

Can I use these these products in the 6 destinations around the world that have banned some chemical UV filters? 

Yes! Our products do not contain any of the UV filters currently banned at certain countries in the world. These products have been banned because they have found to be toxic and harmful to the marine life and can cause destructive coral bleaching. This has led to the degradation of many coral reefs around the world and disrupting the environmental balance of the marine life in turn having an effect on the living organisms such as fish and algae. Use of these banned filters goes against our beliefs at Sol + Sea. The decline and destruction of the marine habitat in the past 20 years witnessed in destinations such as the Solomon Islands and Hawaii is what has encouraged us to create and promote the use of marine and reef safe skin care.

Why should I use Sol+Sea products?

Our sunscreen and skincare products are made from nature, for nature. Our marine life is suffering because of our choices. As ocean lovers, we’re hugely passionate about protecting the environment and our future, so our solution is to produce reef + marine safe skin care. We use mineral and natural UV filters, as well as plant-based ingredients, which have all been thoroughly researched to ensure they do not pose a threat the environment.

Our environment is amazing: it protects, repairs and restores itself from external pressures such as UV exposure, every day. Therefore we have used botanical extracts, marine bio-actives and native New Zealand ingredients to protect, repair and restore the skin.

What are botanical extracts?

Botanical extracts and oils are derived from plant materials that have been concentrated to provide therapeutic, healing and restoring benefits to the body, especially to the skin. Because they are natural compounds, they are often more gentle on the skin and are less likely to cause irritation than synthetic or chemical ingredients.

As our products are natural and mineral based, they contain many botanical extracts, including native New Zealand botanical extracts such as Manuka Oil, Kanuka Oil, Kawakawa Oil, Kowhai Extract and Harakeke Extract. Our botanical extracts provide our products with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as soothing the skin and providing it with nutrients. Here’s a deeper dive into our native botanical extracts:

Manuka oil - Manuka essential oil is distilled from the leaves of New Zealand Manuka trees. Soothing and relaxing, it supports increased blood lymph circulation, and helps promote healthy cell renewal.

Kanuka oil – a native oil known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Helpful in combating sunburn, minor burns and skin irritations, as well as acne-causing bacteria.

Kawakawa oil - Kawakawa, a New Zealand native, has long been an important plant in traditional Māori medicine. Its ability to reduce inflammation and irritation means it’s especially beneficial when used topically.

Kowhai Extract – With its natural antimicrobial properties, Kowhai extract helps to calm, condition and moisturise the skin. Kowhai has long been used topically in traditional Māori medicine for itchy skin and abrasions.

Harakeke seed oil - Used in traditional Māori medicine, Harakeke flax seeds are rich in Linoleic Omega-6 EFAs, known to improve dry skin by reducing trans-epidermal water loss and actively support cell wall integrity.

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